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Double Middle Shelving and Gondola Head Shelves

Product Introduction

These Double Middle Shelving and Gondola Head shelving are designed with maximum space utilization in mind, providing ample space for merchandise display without overcrowding the store. Additionally, grocery shelving systems offer flexibility and customization options tailored to specific store needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a double middle aisle?

Double middle section is a special storage and display solution that is used in the middle area of your store and has a shelving system on both sides.

How does the gondola head shelving system provide advantages?

The gondola head shelving system optimizes your store layout with special shelving systems integrated at the head of each gondola and allows you to display your products more effectively.

How long does the assembly process take?

Double middle aisle and gondola head shelves come with practical assembly features and do not require expertise. Assembly time may vary depending on the size of the shelves but can usually be completed quickly.

What are the color options?

Double middle section and gondola head shelves are offered in various color options. You can contact us to get more information about color alternatives suitable for your store’s concept.

What is the carrying capacity of the shelves?

Double middle section and gondola head shelves have high carrying capacity with their solid steel structure. Different shelves can carry different weights, you can contact us for detailed capacity information.