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Cold Storage Rooms

Product Introduction

Anadolu Raf cold storage rooms are an ideal solution for the food industry and restaurants with their high-performance cooling systems and durable structure. Food products such as meat, milk, fruits, vegetables and ice cream remain fresh and are prevented from spoiling. You can easily preserve all kinds of food.
It is designed to keep your products fresh and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what temperature range do cold storage rooms operate?

Anadolu Raf cold storage rooms can operate in a wide temperature range. It can be set between -18°C and +5°C as standard, but different price ranges are also available.

Is the installation process difficult?

The installation of cold storage rooms is carried out by Anadolu Raf’s installation team.

Can cold storage rooms be produced in special sizes?

Yes, Anadolu Raf offers customers the flexibility to produce cold storage rooms in custom sizes. It can be designed and produced in sizes that suit your needs.

Can I get technical support after receiving my product?

Of course, Anadolu Raf attaches importance to customer satisfaction. After product delivery, you can contact our customer service for technical support and questions.

What is the energy consumption of cold storage rooms?

Anadolu Raf cold storage rooms operate by prioritizing energy efficiency and savings. It keeps energy consumption to a minimum thanks to high quality insulation materials and advanced cooling technologies.