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Grocery Store Shelves

Product Introduction

Greengrocer vegetable and fruit shelves; They are product groups designed to indicate the most colorful and lively parts of markets and to display vegetables and fruits carefully and healthily.
Our fruit and vegetable units are mobile, fixed, medium gondola products designed in metal and wood. Various color options are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material are grocery shelves made of?

Anadolu Raf grocery shelves are generally produced from metal and wooden materials. These materials ensure compliance with hygiene standards and long-lasting use.

Can grocery shelving systems be installed?

Yes, Anadolu Raf grocery shelves can generally be assembled. If you want to request installation service, you can contact our company.

Are shelving systems available in various sizes?

Yes, Anadolu Raf grocery shelves are available in various sizes and designs. You can choose from models in different sizes to suit your needs and store layout.

How should the shelves be cleaned?

You can use a damp cloth and mild cleaning materials to clean the grocery shelves. Special cleaning products may be preferred for stainless steel models.

Can shelves be produced with special designs?

Yes, Anadolu Raf grocery shelves can be produced with special designs. They can be customized to suit your business needs and aesthetic preferences. You can submit your special requests such as color options and logo additions.

How can I optimize my grocery shelving display space?

For efficient use of your grocery shelves, it is important to display products in an orderly and attractive way. You can increase customer interest by identifying product groups and making arrangements that highlight them.