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Heavy Duty Racking Systems

Product Introduction

Anadolu Raf heavy duty warehouse shelves provide safe storage of heavy loads with their high carrying capacity and durability. With its ideal design, it is a perfect solution for warehouse organization and stock management.
Our products can be painted in a wide range of colors. Galvanizing or stainless steel coating is recommended for outdoor or cold storage areas.
Our expert technical team works with you to design different warehouse configurations depending on the type of product stored.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material are heavy duty warehouse shelves made of?

Anadolu Raf heavy duty warehouse shelves are produced from high quality steel material. This material ensures durability and longevity.

In which sectors are heavy duty warehouse racks preferred?

Heavy duty warehouse racks have a wide range of usage in sectors such as construction, automotive, logistics and production. Ideal for safe storage of all types of heavy loads.

How much weight can shelving systems carry?

Heavy duty warehouse racks can safely carry tons of weight. Carrying capacity may vary depending on product model and design. It is important to choose the carrying capacity that suits your needs.

How does the assembly process work?

Heavy duty warehouse racks are generally simple to install. You can install your shelves quickly by getting professional assembly service.

Can warehouse shelves be produced in special sizes?

Yes, heavy duty warehouse shelves can be custom-made to suit your warehouse space. You can contact us for shelving systems that suit your needs.