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Monopoly Dealer Shelves

Product Introduction

We offer creative solutions for alcohol display shelves in your business. Under the leadership of our expert team, we prepare special designs for you in sizes suitable for your special needs. In this way, you can have alcohol display shelves that are specific to your business and easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How durable are Tekel dealer shelves?

Our shelves are made of high quality wooden material and are long-lasting. With its strong structure, it allows you to safely display Tekel dealer products.

How to install Tekel dealer shelves?

Our shelves have easy installation feature. If you wish, it can be installed by our installation team.

What color options are available?

You can obtain the color chart for our Tekel dealer shelves from our customer representatives.

Are special sizes produced?

Yes, we offer you special solutions to meet your production demands in special sizes. You can get detailed information by contacting our customer representatives.

How to maintain the shelves?

The maintenance of our shelves is very simple. You can clean it by simply wiping it with a damp cloth at regular intervals. Avoid chemical cleaning agents.