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Olive Grove Cabinet

Product Introduction

Olive cabinets are cabinets used in markets to store and sell olives, pickles and similar foods. These cabinets are usually located in the aisles or in a special section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is the olive oil cabinet made of?

Our olive grove cabinets are manufactured using high quality and durable materials. We offer a long-lasting product by using wood and special coating materials.

How many shelves are there in the closet?

Our olive grove cabinets attract attention with their large internal volumes. Our standard models usually have 3 to 5 shelves. However, we can make special designs and shelf arrangements according to your needs.

Is the installation process difficult?

The assembly process is quite simple. Optionally, you can have the installation done by our installation team or by asking our authorized consultant.

How to clean the olive cabinet?

Cleaning our olive grove cabinets is quite simple. You can easily clean it using a damp cloth. It is recommended to avoid chemical cleaning agents.

What is the delivery time of the products?

The delivery time for the olive cabinets we generally have in stock is 3-5 business days. However, for large orders or special designs, delivery time may vary. You can contact our customer services for detailed information.