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Steel Shelving Systems

Product Introduction

Anadolu Raf steel shelving systems are the perfect solution for warehouse organization and stock management. They are the preferred shelving systems for light products such as books, folders and boxes. It can add additional shelves and profiles with customizable depth and width options. Plus, with the easy assembly process and adjustable shelf heights, you can figure out your storage solution quickly and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which sectors are steel shelving systems used?

Anadolu Raf steel shelving systems have a wide usage area. It is frequently used in warehousing, logistics, retail and manufacturing sectors. It is also ideal for archiving and warehouse organization.

What kind of installation process can I expect?

Installation of our steel shelving systems is quite simple. You can quickly install your steel shelves by getting professional assembly service.

Can steel shelving systems be produced in special dimensions for storage?

No, it is produced in standard sizes. Steel shelving systems can be designed in the dimensions most suitable for your warehouse area. You can contact us for shelving systems that suit your needs.

How much weight can shelving systems carry?

You can contact us to choose the carrying capacity that suits your needs.

What color options do steel shelves have?

Anadolu Raf steel shelves are offered in different color options. By choosing colors that suit the design of your warehouse area, you can have a warehouse layout that is both functional and aesthetic.

What is the durability of the shelves?

Steel shelving systems are long-lasting because they are made of durable materials. Steel shelving systems that can withstand harsh warehouse conditions increase the efficiency of your business.