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Cigarette Racks

Product Introduction

It offers ease of use with its lidded and lidless options. Spring pusher rail and spacer plexiglass are used inside. In addition to our standard models, special production is available. The standard depth is 30 cm and holds 10 cigarettes in a row.
It attracts attention with its aesthetic designs and practical use that increase the atmosphere of your store. It is an ideal solution to attract customers’ attention by displaying your products regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cigarette racks offer special design options?

Yes, Anadolu Raf cigarette racks offer you special design options.

What are the types and features of shelves?

Anadolu Raf cigarette racks are available in different sizes, colors and materials. You can choose the one that suits you with various features such as shelving systems with lids, models without lids and easy assembly.

How can I best use cigarette racks for my grocery store layout?

To make the best use of your cigarette shelves, you can organize the products by brands, types or price ranges. This allows your customers to easily find the product they want.