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Interior Architecture Service

Interior architecture service is a service that covers the process of planning, organizing and decorating the interior design of spaces. By combining aesthetics and functionality, interior architecture ensures that spaces are designed in a visually attractive and useful way that meets user needs. Below, you can find some basic points about interior architecture service:

1.Space Analysis: The interior designer analyzes the space in detail at the beginning of the project. It evaluates factors such as the dimensions of the space, lighting situation, intended use, user needs and budget. This analysis forms the basis of the design process.

2.Concept Development: The interior designer develops a concept suitable for the intended use of the space and customer preferences. This concept determines the atmosphere, style, colors, materials and other design elements of the space. Collaborating with the client, the interior designer ensures that the concept meets expectations.

3.Design and Planning: The interior designer initiates a detailed design and planning process that includes issues such as the arrangement of the space and furniture placement. At this stage, it is aimed to organize the space in a functional and ergonomic way in accordance with user needs. Furniture, lighting, color palette and material choices are also made at this stage.

4.Material and Furniture Selection: The interior designer guides the selection of materials and furniture suitable for the project. Considering factors such as aesthetics, quality, durability and budget, he/she ensures that the right materials and furniture are selected. In this process, customer preferences and the design concept are taken into account.

5.Construction Management and Supervision: After the design process, the interior designer also takes part in the implementation of the project. He/she follows the construction process, ensures that the materials are used correctly and supervises the progress in accordance with the project plan. When the construction process is completed, it makes final checks and adjustments.