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Sales Service

Sales service is a service that covers the process of presenting products or services to customers and managing the purchasing process. This service aims to interact with customers to provide solutions tailored to their needs and ensure customer satisfaction. Below you can find the important points of sales service:

1. Customer Relationship Management: Sales service involves managing customer relationships. By interacting with customers, their needs, demands and expectations are understood. With a customer-oriented approach, the aim is to increase customer satisfaction and build long-term customer relationships.

2.Product and Service Delivery: Sales service involves the effective presentation of products or services. Customers are informed about the features, benefits and value of products. Solutions are offered to meet customers’ needs and products are promoted in the right way.

3.Management of the Sales Process: Sales service involves managing the sales process. It is ensured that steps such as receiving customer requests, preparing offers, pricing, negotiation process, and making sales contracts are managed effectively. The sales process is carried out in a professional manner to facilitate the customer’s purchasing decision and to ensure trust.

4.After Sales Services: Sales service also includes after-sales services. Support is provided to the customer about the use, installation, maintenance or warranty processes of the product or service purchased. It is important that after-sales services are provided effectively to maintain customer satisfaction.

5.Customer Feedback and Improvement: Sales service involves receiving and evaluating customer feedback. Customer feedback is used to measure customer satisfaction, identify problems and make continuous improvements. Customer feedback contributes to improving the sales process and service quality.