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Shelf System Design Service

Shelf system design service is a service that includes the design and planning of customized shelf systems to meet the storage and display needs of commercial enterprises. This service aims to create the most suitable and efficient shelving system according to the needs of the business and the characteristics of the space. Below, you can find the important points of the shelf system design service:

1.Needs Analysis: Shelf system design starts with analyzing the storage and display needs of the business. Factors such as the characteristics, quantities, sizes and weights of the products to be stored are taken into consideration. In addition, the organization of the space and its intended use are also taken into consideration.

2.Space Arrangement: Shelving systems should be designed in harmony with the dimensions and arrangement of the space. Shelf placement is planned by taking into account factors such as the general layout of the space, circulation areas, entry-exit points, emergency exits. An effective arrangement is ensured by considering the maximum usage potential of the space.

3.Shelf Type and Material Selection: Shelf types and materials to be used in shelf system design are determined. Shelf types include perforated shelves, shelf consoles, sliding shelves, pallet shelves. Material selection is made by considering the durability of the shelf, carrying capacity, ease of cleaning and aesthetic factors.

4.Capacity and Load Distribution: Shelf system design should be optimized in terms of storage capacity and load distribution. It is aimed to reach the maximum capacity of the shelving systems, to store the products safely and to be easily accessible. Load distribution is important to distribute the weights in the shelving systems in a balanced way.

5.Ergonomics and Safety: Shelf system design should ensure that users can work ergonomically. Shelf heights, widths and accessibility are carefully planned to ensure that workers can access and move products comfortably. Safety considerations must also be taken into account.